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Option 2: Off Exchange with a private insurance carrier

This option may be more appealing if your income is above 400% of the federal poverty level or you want to avoid the website.

The plan designs offered Off Exchange will be very similar to the plans offered On Exchange.


What plans will be available?

All individual and group plans offered after 1/1/2014 must be sold by tiers. The tiers for plans offered are to be based on actual value scores as follows:


Platinum – 90%, Gold – 80%, Silver – 70%*, Bronze – 60%, Catastrophic – 50%


*To our knowledge, Silver plan designs will the only available plan option for a premium subsidy and lower out of pocket costs. 


How will rates be calculated?

Plans will be guarantee issue and will be based on community rating which will include:

Age, Tobacco Use, Geography, and Family Tier


What is my penalty if I do not elect coverage health insurance?

            For tax year 2019 and after, there is no penalty for not having affordable coverage.